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Visit Savannah Project


I had the amazing opportunity to work on a group project for my Senior Project I. It was an incredibly fun time working with Amanda, Jadyn, Kaitlyn, Shane, and everyone else on the team. This senior project was our love letter to Savannah and an homage to our time being here while attending college. You can see our full video below along with the specific shots that I worked on. Additionally, you can check out my blog for more details of a week-by-week progress report here.


Final Video

Final Renders




In this project, I worked on making photo-real scenes of a coffee cup and a jukebox based on real-life references. All of the models and textures in my scenes I made myself. In Maya, I did modeling, lighting, and rendering. I used substance painter for the textures. And I used Nuke for compositing and color correction. Additionally, I worked on the look dev of the Johnny Mercer statue. I did the retopology of his model and brought it into ZBrush to model some extra details onto his face which I then baked in substance painter. All of us worked together to edit our project and I was the main person to have control of the editing file.

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