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UE5 Cozy Room

My room in the house where I grew up has been the same for many years, a striking pink color. Colors are said to affect people's moods, and that was true with my room. Because of the pink color my room wasn't cozy and I never felt calm in it. I decided to recreate a room in 3D to get inspiration for myself to redo my room in real life. I wanted the room to have a cozy and hygge feeling to it. This 3D room was lit in Unreal Engine 5. The models are from CGTrader, TurboSquid, and Bridge Megascans. Most of the textures I created (as listed below) but some came with the models. 



Night Time

Day Time


Inside Lighting

Reference Photos

Substance Painter Textures

These were the textures that I created in Substance Painter: 

  • The bed and everything on it

  • Curtains

  • Desk and everything on it

  • Door

  • Ceiling Fan

  • Corner of the floor

  • Hanging shelves

  • Nightstand and everything on it

  • Walls, floor, and trim

When creating these textures, I wanted to keep to a cozy and hygge theme. The color scheme I was going for was more neutral colors. 

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