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Trilith Studios: Title Card

I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Trilith Studios over the summer of 2022. During my time there, I created a title card for the Creative Technologies District at Trilith Studios under the direction of my mentor Barry Williams. We first started out with basic concepts, test shots, modeling, lighting, and final touches. I created everything in the title card except for the light leaks and light flares. Our goal was to create a title card opening that was simple but also sophisticated and sleek. Additionally, we wanted to make the title card able to be cropped if a certain video couldn't allow time for the whole entire sequence.


Creative Technologies at Trilith Studios Title Card

Trilith Logo


When modeling the Trilith Logo in 3D, I used a previous title card created by Barry Williams as reference. I had to redo this model multiple times because of it's weird shape and had made it look a bit "soft" and "mushy" in parts. To get the final product, I used curves. I created a rectangle and extruded it along the multiple curves I created. Then I used soft selection to rotate and create the twists at the bottom of the logo. 

First Basic Concept Drafts


There were multiple iterations of lighting the final shot. After many different lighting setups, we decided on one. The final lighting of revealing the words "Creative Technologies at Trilith Studios" I created by assigning a projection shader with an HDRI assigned to a geodome. I cut the geodome in half and rotated it, so as the light rotated towards the words, the words were slowly revealed by the lighting. This was also the best way to make the lighting very even and have the words readable.

First Basic Lighting Tests

I had multiple different cameras that I animated for the different shots of the logo. These were the first basic iterations of lighting and camera movement tests before we decided upon the final one at the top of the page. I animated the cameras in Maya to go along the path of the Trilith model and I also animated the lights I had in order to slowly reveal the silhouette of the model. 

Light Flares


In After Effects, I animated these light flares to pop up at certain times of the sequence. I also used a bit of glow to blow out certain areas of the flare and make it blend more with the geometry of the logo.

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