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Delta Airlines Tech Ops Video Game

I had the great opportunity to be in a group with other creatives to collaborate with Delta Airline's Tech Ops. We created a mini-game for the Delta Tech Ops new recruits so they could practice troubleshooting in a fun way. Tech Ops are the people who are doing maintenance on the plane and making sure that it's all set for take-off. Since all of the old Tech Ops were retiring, Delta had to hire new younger recruits. In order to get them engaged and excited about their job, a manager at Delta had an idea to create a troubleshooting video game. In this project, I learned a lot about video game optimization and handing off files to my other teammates. It was a really fun experience to work with everyone! I was responsible for some modeling, texturing, UI design, and mini-game art design. 


Day Time Gameplay

Mini Games


All models and textures were created by me except for the two planes. The two planes were textured by Julia Epprecht. We created models that were based on real-life objects that you would find on the tarmac.

Gamepad Model


Additional Background Shapes


Real Delta Keypad


Above is a mini-game that Akebalan Etzioni created that includes different codes. I helped to model the gamepad and additional shapes for the background. The textures of the gamepad were made by Deanna Kilby. Additionally, I created the paper designs for the flipbook in the mini-game. Based on actual papers and training documentation from Tech Ops, I created the pages in photoshop.

Flipbook Page Designs


Final Deliverable Page Designs

For a final deliverable to Delta, I helped to create some designs for the development book. I worked along with Jess Lam to put together the book. You can view the document below to see our team's work on the project. Feel free to check it out by clicking the PDF button below!

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