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Week 9

This week was working on refining all of our elements and getting ready to create a final deliverable.

Instead of the neon sign that didn't work last time, we decided to make some graffiti. In photoshop, I put the background image as a place holder. I then painted and added graffiti elements in the area that we wanted it to be. After making the Photoshop file 32 bit, I exported it out as an exr and then we placed it in the area we wanted it. Mich helped me with the grading to make it integrate more.

Additionally, I had rotopainted the wall in order to give more space and get rid of the white spot that was originally there from the sky. The mentors had also mentioned that our second shot didn't match that well with the first shot. I used two color correct nodes to give the second shot more contrast and to also add a little bit more pink into the plate.

Based on mentor feedback, I also edited the set extension a bit to make it more purple and to make some neon elements smaller.

Here is the final breakdown of everything so far:

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