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Week 7

Updated: May 16, 2022

This week the mentors gave feed back of fixing the shader on the bike to make it match the real cars in the live plate more. Additionally working on the color so they match in both shots. Another comment was the treatment of the rider in the first shot to make him look more futuristic.

Based on feedback I applied the new textures and shaders from the shot 1 bike to the shot 2 bike and additionally tweaked the secularity and IOR so as to not make is so shiny. I also added some emission on the front lights so we can make it glow a bit to add more contrast.

Also I updated the shaders on the motorcycle for shot 1 to try and match the same shader as the real car in the background.

This week I am also working on the set extension with Nathan. Nathan and I are adding elements to the set extension to make it more visually interesting and futuristic. These are some first basic passes of the set extension. Nathan added neon tubing in the first image and I added some neon signs and windows in the first and second image. We are splitting up the work by clusters of buildings; ie the buildings shown in the first couple of seconds Nathan is working on and in the last couple of seconds I am working on. We will both add to each other's building clusters though to keep continuity of styles.

Continued to add some more details to the set extension such as neon signs, words, and other decorative details. Some models were from CGTrader while others I made myself. I also changed the color of the HDRI to be more blueish to match the color grading in comp because it was too purple before.

I also helped a little bit with some roto work in comp. And I changed the ending logo to just be a black fade instead of zooming up to the screen based on mentor feedback.

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