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Week 5

Updated: May 8, 2022

Based on the feedback from the mentors, I worked on fixing the shaders and integration of the motorcycle.

The mentors had mentioned that the motorcycle looked a bit like plastic so I adjusted the shader using the IOR. Additionally some of them had mentioned that we needed to have more meaning and continuity for the project's idea overall. Our team thought of a hologram idea to apply to our character. Following this tutorial Michelle gave me I created a hologram shader for the rider. In order to work with our rider model from Mixamo, I needed to adjust the facing ratio attributes to have the blue hologram color wrap around our rider more to give a sense of volume. Increasing or decreasing the IOR changed the way light went through the shader so I did a couple tests of IOR and we chose the one we liked; 1.5.

I needed to organize my files a bit more to make things easier for my team, so I reworked my files and made a "layout" file that included the camera track from Michelle and then made "light" files that included the lighting set ups for each specific shot. I had to rearrange these files a bit to fix their scaling and placement. These files I then referenced into a file called "integration" where I would have both the layout and lighting along with referencing Stanley's "animation" file. In this integration file I set up these render layers: Beauty, Shadow, Reflections, FXGroundReflection. This way it would be easier for Nathan and Kyle to use this "integration" file with everything already in it so they could import their FX into it. Here are some of the render layers:

Beauty Reflection Shadow

(the FXGroundReflection is a plane with a mirror shader with a little bit of roughness so the FX can be reflected into the ground and in comp that can be made as a glow)

For Shot2 I did a quick comp to with no FX and just the beauty and shadow pass to see how it integrates.

For our second shot, we're going to have a view of the previous shot inside of the portal. I was tasked with going to the Jen Library location and taking a photo of the opposite side. Here are a couple of some potential photos for inside of the portal in Shot2:

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