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Week 4

This week I had made light set ups for our two shots. After setting up the files correctly, I had to make a couple of adjustments to the lighting in order to get it bright enough and to match correctly. For our shot of the road with neon signs, I had to increase the lighting a bit more in order to get highlights on our motorcycle. Additionally the second shot in the alleyway had to be brightened up a bit in order to get correct highlights. Here are two foam ball matches:

Shot 1 (Broughton Street)

Shot 2 (Alleyway)

Stanley, the animator for our motorcycle, had made some in-progress animations for us to use. I was able to reference them into my lighting files and I did two quick rough composites with a little bit of grading to see how the lighting of the motorcycle would match.

Shot 1 Quick Rough Comp to See Lighting

Shot 2 Quick Rough Composite to See Lighting

After compositing the second shot, I noticed that our motorcycle man was a giant! I tried adjusting the scale of our camera track in order to get a better sizing, but am still in progress with it. Additionally because I had been testing different scales and the position of our rendercam and track, our animator's camera was the old one compared to an updated one that I hadn't uploaded to dropbox yet. I am going to give Stanley a new file with the fixed camera once I solve the scale issue. Even though the scale is still off and Stanley's animation doesn't match with my new camera, I was able to make a rough comp with Kyle's portal to see how it would integrate. Additionally I did a super quick comp of our shot one with the effects that Nathan and Kyle had made. We also had found out while compositing that Maya makes Nate's smoke very thin so it has to be reworked.

Shot 1: Rough Composite with Nate and Kyle's FX

Shot 2: Rough Composite with Nate and Kyle's FX

This coming week I need to work on refining the lighting by adding some more render layers such as ground shadows. I also need to play with the samples to get rid of noise. Additionally there are some changes I think I should make on the textures of both the rider and the motorcycle.

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