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Week 2

For this week I was responsible for some Look Development so I began finding references. Here is a PDF of references that I might possibly need for making the motorcycle shaders.

Download PDF • 2.43MB

Also, this week we began shooting live plate backgrounds for our project. On Saturday morning, Team Ducati all got up extra early to get to Jen Library at 5:30am. We shot multiple plates from 5:30am - 8am. Not only did we shoot background plates with the HDRI's along with them, but Nathan had a great idea to make reference photos for the FX that need to be done. Using the camera's long exposure, long light streaks were made. Here's a fun clip of how it was made:

Left to right: Alexis, Michelle, Nathan, Kyle

This week I was responsible for making some Look Dev renders. With the Ducati Zero motorcycle model that we bought, I made some very basic shaders such as; plastic, rubber, aluminum, steel, painted plastic, etc.

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