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Visit Savannah Post #17

I worked on fixing our file where we're going to put our video together. I organized it a bit and made sure that everything was connecting and there were no file errors. Also I put together some behind the scenes footage that we all still need to look over.

I also rendered my Coffee Cup Shot and I think I'm going to call it final for now unless I get any notes on what to improve on it. Maybe I'll try adding some lip gloss stain on it.

We're having everything due by Monday Night and all breakdowns done by Tuesday Night.

Here are my goals:

- 3/10/2023: Render EXRS for the coffee cup shot and put in the I-drive

- 3/11/2023: Fix jukebox textures on the front and add some more damages/ not so clean and symmetrical looking

- 3/12/2023: Render EXRS for the jukebox shot

- 3/12/2023: My boy Johnny needs some more look dev work so I'm going to work on that

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