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Visit Savannah Post #05

Currently I am working on my way to finishing the jukebox model by this coming Sunday. I added to the bottom of the model where there are panels and other metal structures. I'm working on the inside frilled shape and will work my way upwards. I had to redo some of the metal trim because my models looked a bit crooked and wobbly. Another method I am using is extruding a cube along a curve in order to get a smooth look and then from there continue to refine it. I haven't worked on the UV's yet, but I will also start working on those soon.

Additionally I did some basic look development for the coffee cup shot. I will start bringing the models into substance painter to work on creating them. Additionally if time allows, I could try to add a plate with a pastry on it and experiment with photogrammetry to scan a real pastry from Foxy Loxy. But that idea is on the back burner until I make progress on both shots.

The team also went to Professor Gettleman's sound design class where we pitched our project for sound. So far besides the professor being super excited about our project, there is another person interested. Additionally a motion media student has reached out to us whom is interested in making the ending credits for us.

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