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Senior Project II: Post #9

This weekend I worked on a better transition of tree to woman and worked on the shaders of everything. I used a different tree trunk model and altered the textures from that bark to put it on some of her "tree" arms. I also used RSLayeredShader in order to make a transition from bark shader to skin shader. I painted some masks on her body too to make the transition less jarring.

I think the roughness of her body is a bit too low, she's too shiny so I need to work on that. Additionally, I'm thinking that I will need to add some "hair" to her head because I think the baldness is making her not seem photoreal enough, or it's just missing something. I'm thinking of doing ferns, but then I had an idea of doing Spanish moss which is a bit crazy, but I might test it out. Spanish moss hair with some ferns stuck in it. It might be possible to do if I make a hair simulation and just make the hair a bit curly and make the shader light green. I'll see if I have time to do that, but if not I'll resort to ferns.

Currently, I'm rendering all of the shots with new shaders and adjustments so I can create an updated video for the midterm presentation. Mitch had suggested I title my video with some sort of creative name, but I can't think how to title the video. So for now I will just label it "senior project II". But any suggestions would be great! I'm trying to think if there are any words that mean "beautiful but strange" or "beautiful but creepy" because I think that's kind of where the vibe is going. But I'm not sure if there are any words that mean both.

Additionally, when I went to Mitch's class on Wednesday I was able to get two sound design masters students who are interested in helping me! I've sent them my mp4 file and they're already doing some testing, I will send them my updated midterm video later this week.

Goals for Wednesday:

- Try to come up with a title for the video

- Have an updated video with the new renders for the midterm presentation

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