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Senior Project II: Post #8

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Continuing to work on the transition of the woman and the tree trunk. I need to populate her with more hands and have more grass at the bottom to blend her in.

I'm continuing to work on the look dev for the ferns, bark, moss, and lichen. I've figured out how to use RSLayeredShader in Houdini for Redshift. So I'm going to use that in order to add parts of bark, moss, and lichen to the woman's skin to make the transition better. I've also found some grass assets I'm going to use to blend her in with the plate.

I need to figure out how to simulate the ferns so they sort of wave and move with the hands that I'm going to attach them to. I've also made 6 arms that will be static and just placed around her body that are like sticks or bark.

Plan for next week:

- Have look dev for ferns, moss, bark, tree stump, and grass completed

- Create the 'sculpture' of how I want the woman to look like. (I will replace the static arms later on with animated ones once the animator finishes them)

- Work on making parts of the woman's body have nature elements added to her like bark, moss, lichen, etc.

- Render AB_007 with the grass at the bottom to see how everything blends.

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