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Senior Project II: Post #6

I talked with Mitch Gettleman the chair of the sound department today. And I'm planning on going to his class this coming Monday at 5pm to pitch my idea to his MA sound design class. In order to prepare for when I present, I need to have a more thorough video with the correct tracked cameras and correct backgrounds. So that is my plan for this weekend. Also when I was talking to Professor Gettleman, he mentioned some filmmaking advice to me on shot positioning. So I'm switching some placements of my shots, I won't have to change big things, but it will definitely help the flow of the edit.

What I've done so far is finally create a look dev set up in Houdini. I need to focus on the look dev of the woman because the hands look a little weird and yellowish compared to the rest of her body. I also have subsurface turned up way too much so I need to do a lot of shader adjustments.

I also tracked some shots that I shot on Monday morning, and all of them are really nice and stable which is good. But as I was going through them I realized that some of my camera angles wouldn't make sense in relation to where the woman would be. The light should be pretty much the exact same if I go at 8:30am tomorrow morning, so I'm going to reshoot two shots.

Below is the footage that I shot this past Monday. They're not bad, but I don't think I paid much attention to where she would be, I just randomly shot the camera movements. But this is a better idea of what I have in mind compared to my previous previs.

Professor Gettleman had mentioned if I was going to add hair and also some other classmates on Monday. Professor Gettleman suggested I somehow incorporate the ferns as her hair, and Sammie suggested if I do put hair on her it should be really long like in the Venus painting. So I think I will consider that once I do the look dev later on of the ferns and test out the simulations on them.

Goals for this weekend and what I want finished by Monday:

- Have all background plates tracked and their cameras into Houdini, have the cameras locked

- Work on look dev of the woman (will keep working past Monday)

- Work on look dev and placement of ferns/lichen/bark on parts of the woman's body and arms (will keep working past Monday, also I want to do simulations for the ferns so they move when the arms move)

- Start rough lighting, bring in the HDRI that I shot

- Do rough first past of integration in NUKE, render these shots out so then I can make an updated edit of my project to show to the sound design class when I pitch to them

I want to get all of the above complete because I feel like I am a bit behind. I also want to get things going earlier than later because there are going to be three weekends this quarter where I won't be able to be on my computer that much to work because of family and other events. Ideally my goal would to have everything finished by week 8 or 9. This past weekend my animator friend was a bit busy with her capstone, so I think I may need to animate some things like the hands, in order to take some workload away from her. I'll leave some more technical shots like the head and body movements to her. Once I get the tracked cameras locked, then I can send everything to her and ask her to start animating for me.

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