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Senior Project II: Post #4

Heres a render I did for fun to see how the woman looks with all of her textures connected. I still need to work on the look dev, but this is what it looks like so far. The hands look paler than the woman, but I honestly kind of like that. This is just the pose test, not the actual file with her connected to the stump.

I've talked with my animator friend, who said she's on board. I've made a Dropbox folder with all the files for her to begin animating. I also made a "REFERENCES" folder where I took videos so she can use them as a reference for the shots. The plan I have so she doesn't have to animate 50 different arms, is she can animate 4 different arm animations. Then I will export them as alembics and arrange multiples in certain areas so the viewer can't tell they're duplicated animations.

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