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Senior Project II: Post #3

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Over the weekend I was going to shoot my background plates, but my camera didn't come with a battery. Also, it was very windy out anyways. So my goal now is to shoot the weekend of Week 2.

Senior Project II Shot List - Sheet1
Download PDF • 9.89MB

I created a shot list for myself to stay organized and to also give it to the animator. Currently based on the schedule I made, I am on track. The shot sheet can be read above or found here at this google doc.

I've updated the pre vis again with 3d shots. I've set up the Maya scenes for the animator so she can start animating. The cameras are pretty much locked, I think I will just want to add a bit of shake or something to them to make them more natural. To do so I think I'll take a video on my phone, track it in Nuke, then export that camera to use in Maya.

I've set up the Maya scenes by referencing the rigs. These aren't even half of the hands that I want in the scene, but I think it'll get too busy and confusing for the animator when she animates. So I need to figure out what to do for all of the arms. I need to talk to her to see what she thinks or if she has any ideas.

I was able to download the Maxon app and get Redshift for my computer with the help of Dasha. Also, I downloaded Houdini and connected Redshift to Houdini, so now if I need to work from my computer instead of Monty, I can.

This weekend was mainly preparation. In addition to what I had done above, I also bought more storage for my Wix site so I could add to my blog posts and added my previous senior project to my projects page.

As shown above, I have the arm rigs ready to use by making them from the original woman rig. I deleted unnecessary geometry and unparented some joints to make separate arm rigs. It's not perfect, but it works and I got the main bottom curve to work so the arm goes with it when placing the arm in different places.

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