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Senior Project II: Post #2

I have hashed out my idea more and I think that it is possible. The reason is, I have fixed the rig file and everything is moving as it should. I passed it to my friend who said she would animate it for me; Erica Wang, and she says the rig file works for her. You can look at her website by clicking here. The only thing is this rig file isn't an advanced skeleton so I can't direct the woman's face, but there are controls for blend shapes and I don't think there will be too much in-depth animation on the face. The only thing that I would have liked to do is to have the hands pull her mouth into a smile but I will have to check the rig again to see if there are facial controls besides the blend shapes.

This is the concept that I have in mind. I was thinking of adding some boils on her skin like eczema to make it less perfect, but I will see if I have time for that. There are textures for this model and just quickly looking at them I think that they will work for me, I will need to do lots of look dev and shader work. This rig and model are free from CGTrader by noedge-sup and can be found by clicking here.

You can look at my detailed schedule here:

Senior Project II
Download PDF • 39KB

Additionally, I have updated my previs below with added images. I still need to lock down the camera angles but the basic ideas of what I want are there. I also might add an additional slow-revealing shot of the hands all overlapping.

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