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Senior Project II: Post #17

Updated: May 24, 2023

I worked on the hair simulation for the woman. I'm still working on the compositing of the shots but all of the renders are finishing up. Once I have all of the renders back from the farm I'm going to solely focus on the compositing and integration. Once all of that is done then it will be done. I will need to add the hair simulation to the ending credits though so I will have to do that. Additionally I need to contact the sound people because they haven't sent me any updates yet. I will contact them tomorrow when I have all of my scenes finished (animation/rendering wise not compositing wise that way they if they need to do sound along to any animation it will all be final).

Here is the edit with everything I have so far, I still need to do a lot of work in comp. Also her hair in one shot is swimming like crazy.

I need to reverse this video and also need to get rid of the weird white outline on the hair. I know it's coming from the atmosphere pass.

Her hair on the top looks weird, I need to fix that.

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