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Senior Project II: Post #16

Updated: May 18, 2023


- All animation is done! New animation for shots 05, 06, 07 are all in their prospective Houdini shot files

- Roughness problem fixed/found out

- Finished the credits

Animation for final shot finished

Ending Sequence/ Credits

So I finally found out why all of my renders still look like the woman is very waxy... it's because apparently my file uploads to the farm weren't correct! I didn't upload them correctly! I had made subsurface passes, roughness passes, and some masks to correct previous critique that I had got. But none of it was going through because I had accidentally uploaded it to the wrong spot of the farm. Below is what her skin should actually look like, it's not as waxy and it's a little more softer.

In order to avoid this from happening again or anything similar, what I'm going to do is delete the proejct folder of this project in the render farm and upload it again completely. So that way I know everything will be correct and nothing will be from old files. I can't believe I only now noticed it!

Plan for this weekend:

- Render all ending credits scenes and have the ending credits finished

- Message the sound people again to ask for the sound so I can hear it by next Wednesday

- Have all animation finished and imported into their prospective Houdini scenes

- Work on doing the hair for the woman

- Fix all of the other fixes that my classmates told me about during class 15

I'm brining my computer on the plane this weekend and in the car with me to work. I'm hoping nothing will just so happen to corrupt any of my files so fingers crossed! I made a backup just incase some funny business goes down.

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