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Senior Project II: Post #15

I will not be in Savannah from Friday evening until Monday evening because I'm going to my cousin's graduation. I'm not sure when I will have time to work, but I'm bringing my computer just in case I have a moment to work on my project.

I'm currently working on the animation and want to finish it before this Friday and have it all in the files. I also want to upload them to the farm so that way at least this weekend even if I can't use my computer, I will be able to submit my files to the farm and have them render. Animation for shots _02, _03, _04, _05, and _06 are final but I need to work on the arm placement of animated arms for shot AB_007. I'm going to animate 2 arms, a left arm, and a right arm, and then time-offset them so when they're placed around the body you can't tell there are two animations that are looping.

Animation for shot AB_005

Animation for shot AB_006

Animation for shot AB_007 (I will add additional animated arms in Houdini)

Here's one of the ending credit slides. All of them are going to have small camera moves and rotations. More so than the one above. I'm trying to render them on the farm now but I'm getting "MAX RETRY" errors so in class tomorrow I'm going to submit a ticket using the Monty computers.

Additionally from Class 15's critique here are pointers I got from everyone:

- Woman's nails are too yellow, add some texture to them

- Give her hair and add some foliage to it

- She feels like she's in too much shadow in certain shots, especially the last shot

- Her skin is too waxy (I need to recheck to make sure that the shaders from the look dev file are the same as all of my shot files, I think I may have forgotten to transfer them)

- For the shot where her face is zoomed in, she is in too much shadow

- Smooth the shaky camera, the shot right before the last shot

- Add some more foliage at the bottom of the character to blend her more

- Check for spelling errors in the credits (Gray is spelled Gary)

The above checklist will be my to-do list for the week and the coming week. Additionally, I am rendering the credits as sequences so I will have the credits a bit slower instead of still frames and super fast as it was in class 15.

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