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Senior Project II: Post #12

This weekend I worked on a lot of prep work and troubleshooting. I figured out what AOVs I need to get all of the shuffles out to look exactly like the beauty render, so that will be helpful if I need to adjust certain AOVs. I was able to get the crytomattes to work, but the problem is they aren't merged in the EXR file and come as their own EXR files. Additionally, when they get rendered, the file names are different, and it puts the frame padding in a location where NUKE can't read it as a sequence. For example, it reads it as "output.0001.cryptomatte.exr" instead of "output.cryptomatte.0001.exr". I need to look at my render settings to see if I can adjust that.

Additionally, I worked a bit more on her shaders and the displacement of the bark to make it more prominent and sharp where there is a transition from bark to skin. I still think her skin looks a bit too plasticy because of the specular highlight, so I need to break that up a bit more. I refined the lighting for all of the shots except for AB_002 which for some reason I just completely forgot about, so I need to work on that. Also, for some reason AB_004 when I got it back from the farm everything was black so I need to send it back to the farm to see what was up. I also figured out a bit of a way to make the atmosphere of the 2D plates affect the 3D woman by using atmosphere in Redshift. By using that atmosphere render pass, I merge it with the woman and use her alpha as a mask which then only adds the atmosphere to the CG element.

Goals for Wednesday and most likely into the weekend:

- Add all of the correct AOV passes to my shots

- Troubleshoot the cryptomatte problem

- Contact the sound people because I forgot to send them an update/ ask them for updates

- Work on the lighting for AB_002 and render

- See why AB_004 wasn't rendering on the farm

- Test hair simulation in Houdini for her Spanish moss hair

- Figure out the transition from the ground to CG elements in shot AB_007

- Keep working on the color/ integration of all shots

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