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Senior Project II: Post #11

My goal is to continue working on the project because so far I haven't been able to work on it due to other projects I'm helping out with and personal events. But I have a plan and I know what I'm going to be working on for the rest of the week and weekend.

So far I checked the AOVs in my file and added some of them to test. I have a frame to render on the farm to check the AOVs. But for some reason, the ZDepth pass and the Cryptomatte pass are not showing up in my render view. I need to do some more research on rendering in Redshift and AOVs, but for some reason, I can't find any cryptomatte tutorials for Redshift that are in Houdini.

I've got the SSS pass working though. I realized that I need to decrease the amount of SSS in her face. But decreasing it in Houdini will only decrease everything else. So I need to bring that sss weight map into either photoshop or substancepainter in order to make those areas that have too much sss bring it down a notch.

Goals for this week/weekend:

- Continue figuring out how to do AOVs in Redshift

- Work on the look dev of the woman (sss, her skin is too plastic-looking, better transition for where the bark meets the skin)

- Refine lighting in all of the shots

- Retrack in Nuke the one shot where the camera is shaky

- Do some testing with hair simulations in Houdini to make her have Spanish moss hair

- Have a better transition for the AB_007 shot where she is connected with the ground, also render out a shadow pass for that shot

- Figure out how to comp over the light flares in the scene (see if I can do atmosphere in Redshift)

- Render out all scenes to have a new pass of the video for Monday

- Play around with LUTs in Premiere

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