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Senior Project II: Post #1

I have a couple of ideas for my senior project, but one might be a bit too much.

Idea 1:

Redo my old "Rambutan Eye" project and make it more photo-real. Along with doing that, create some scenes to light in Houdini. (some companies I have talked to want to see lighting using Houdini). Basically do multiple exercises with lighting different scenes.

Idea 2:

Do some compositing work. For a while, I had thought that I didn't like to do compositing, but I actually find it pretty fun. I want to do multiple small projects. For example every two weeks complete 1 project such as clean up/paint outs, a green screen pull, roto, and phone screen tracking.

Idea 3:

I want to do CG integration of a person/hand creature and light it in Houdini. I found a free and already rigged model of a human online that I have downloaded but I think I would need someone to check the rig for me. Also, I would need to somehow have a single-hand rig and multiple hands, so maybe a rigger can somehow take the rig from that human rig file I found and only get a hand/arm from it. Additionally, I would need an animator to animate for me. In this project, I would need to work on the materials and look dev to make the person and hands look photoreal and I would like to light it in Houdini using Redshift as the renderer. Along with that, I want one shot that has CG integration. The idea behind this is self-doubt, being consumed by one's own thoughts, and hiding behind a smile. Also to show behind something seemingly beautiful is something else. Also, an exercise to make the viewer think it's a normal video but in the end, it's not. The hands/arms pull the person's face into a smile even though they aren't smiling, to begin with. Below is a previs:

What is needed:

- fix or check the free human rig that I found online

- somehow chop the arm off the free human rig I found to use as a separate rig

- see if it's possible to have a lot of rigs in one file?

- possibly do textures for the free human rig, there are also free textures that go with it so I could check those

- I need to find an animator to animate it (I have a friend I could ask)

- do look dev in Houdini/ Redshift of the person to make it photoreal

- Light in Houini and render in Redshift

- Do an integration shot

- Find someone to do music for it

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