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Old Logo Made in 3D

In this project I wanted to recreated my old logo that I made from many years ago in 3D for fun. I modeled the gas mask to look similar to the 2D gas mask logo I had made in Illustrator. I was inspired to make a gas mask many years ago because of a TV show called Doctor Who where one of the first episodes are these gas mask creatures.

I used reference photos from the web, such as the one above to model the gas mask in Maya. I found reference photos that were similar to the gas mask logo I had created and started modeling. After modeling, I brought the model into Substance Painter to create the textures.

I textured the gas mask in Substance Painter by trying to make it as similar to the 2D version as possible.

After texturing, I set up the textures in Maya and then created a scene to have a purple background. I set up multiple cameras and animated them to create different dynamic camera moves. I also brought the final result into After Effects to create the smoke words effect. I used the vector art that I had created from the logo of the smoke words and transformed it into something that looked like smoke by using noise in After Effects.

Final Result

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