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Fresh vs. Decayed Organic Materials

In this project, I created a small scene of organic objects in two versions: fresh and decayed. The materials were all created in substance painter and it was rendered in Maya using Arnold. I really enjoyed making the materials in their decayed version, there's something beautiful about organic decay.  


Fresh vs. Decayed

Camera Move


Still Frames

Using the references below, I created these organic materials to look as similar as possible to real life. To create the moldy fuzz on the pastry and raspberries, I duplicated the geometry and applied a displacement to that duplication. The displacement was made to have spikes and I changed the color to white in order to give it the look of fuzzy mold. Additionally for the flowers, I used subsurface to give the fresh flowers an alive look. To make the decayed version of them, I decreased the subsurface a bit and I also altered the geometry to make the flowers wilt. Based on the references I had found, dried-up flowers lose their subsurface quality a bit. For making the apples in their decayed form, I increased the subsurface in certain areas to make them look mushy. I created the look based on references, and also my real-life experience of forgetting an apple in my lunch bag when I was in middle school... (it was quite a sight let me tell you). 

Shaders & Materials

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