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Dragon Chase


This was a CG Integration project where I wanted an animator's animation to chase her. The animation was done by Huinong Liu and the dragon's model, rig, and textures are from an animation professor at SCAD. The actors are Huinong Liu and Erica Wang running away from dragons flying overhead. Sound effects are from pixabay.


Final Video




Bat Wings Reference


Look Development


Shader Adjustments

The dragon didn't come with its textures and shaders attached so I needed to create them and adjust them to my needs for lighting. I gave the wings some subsurface based on a bat's wings in real life. 

Animation Translation & Offset

Before I could begin lighting, I needed to do export the animation and do some minor animation of my own. The file I was given was just of a dragon flying in place. I had to animate the translation of the dragon to move forward and combined with Huinong's amazing animation skills, it looked like the dragon was flying forward. I also duplicated the dragon to make a second one and created an animation offset so their wing's wouldn't be flapping at the same time.

Nuke Node Tree


After exporting exrs from Maya of the dragons flying, I brought it into Nuke for integration. I used the background plate I shot for the background of my dragons and additionally created shadows, reflections, and tree cover ups.

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