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Altered Materials


As you probably already know based on my logo, I have a slight obsession with knights. :) In this project, I wanted to make an alteration to the materials by having them bloodied and dusty. The materials were made in substance painter and then rendered in Maya using Arnold.


New vs. Bloodied

Camera Move


Still Frames

The idea for this concept was to have the aftermath of a battle. The before images are new and clean whereas the after, are all bloodied and dusty from battle. I was a bit worried I would get flagged for Googling "blood on swords", but luckily Google must have known I needed some reference photos. To make the blood, I used masks and increased the specularity of just the blood splatters in order to give it a shiny fresh look. The blood is darker in order to show that it was freshly spilled whereas if it was old it would be browner and a bit crusty. Additionally, I added some dust and scratches to the materials to show that a battle had just occurred.

Shaders & Materials

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